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Weiter oben habe ich ja die Äusserungen von Spielberg und Lucas verlinkt.

Dazu zitiere ich aus einem anderen Forum:

For whatever it's worth, I was chatting online a little while ago with an acquaintance who works in Hollywood and he pointed me at a specific article that shows how creative the studios can be in finding ways to "front load" funding for production costs:


Paramount apparently had only about $7 million of it's own money at risk (not counting the advertising budget on a $94 million budget for the first Laura Croft movie.

He also pointed out that studios are raking it in on product placement. Apparently Man of Steel made ~$140 million before it even opened in placement fees.

That takes a lot of edge off the production costs, and I would expect it might motivate the studios to just keep at it rather than massively overhaul things based on a few flops.

My acquaintance told me he thought that Lucas and Spielberg might simply be bemoaning their inability to get outside financing for the films they want to make (like Lincoln and Red Tails), as opposed to what offers maximum profits for the studios (more Indiana Jones and Star Wars films). I guess I can see the logic of that argument.

Also das klingt schlüssig irgendwie, dass Lucas und Spielberg nur die beledigte Leberwurst spielen (übertrieben formuliert).
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